Decision distribution module

Decisions are adopted during meetings. It is imperative to distribute adopted decisions to the authorised persons. The BoardPoint decision distribution module is used to store adopted decisions more effectively and to facilitate their distribution.

The decision distribution module consists of the following activities:

Defining distribution lists

Transferring decisions adopted at the meeting to the decision register

Publishing decisions

The advantages of using the Decisions module:

  • central place for storing Decisions;
  • impossible to lose information;
  • controlled, fast and safe document distribution;
  • document access based on allocated access rights and the organisation’s security policy;
  • possibility of granting access to view decisions;
  • possibility of redistributing decisions to lower levels;
  • record on decision access;
  • sending and receiving notifications via e-mail,
  • faster search time.
BOARDpoint: modul2

The decisions adopted at meetings are published in the Decision register, classifying them into different categories.


The distribution lists of authorised users are created depending on their access rights. To facilitate distribution, the distribution list can be defined in advance or newly created for every decision.

At any moment before the decision is uploaded into the Register, changes can be applied to the distribution list – groups of users (removing or adding).


The decisions become visible to the members of the distribution lists only after the decision is published.


It is possible to send a notification about the published decision via e-mail, whereby the system generates text templates created in advance which, where necessary, can be changed before sending the notification.