Creating and accepting proposals for meetings

The Proposals module is intended for employees who create proposals, employees who are responsible for
accepting proposals, as well as for the secretariat or any other department in charge of managing agenda items.

Faster and easier creation, submission and distribution of proposals

Meeting proposals is a module linked with the BoardPoint MEETINGS solution used for creating, submitting and accepting agenda items proposals for the meeting.


The goal is to facilitate the process of submitting proposals, ensure faster distribution of the relevant materials and to speed up the whole process of proposal preparation.

Easier documentation management

With the help of this module, the necessary materials which are attached to the proposal are entered through the app.


With BoardPoint, there is no need for using e-mails or hiring employees responsible for the submission of paper documents, which makes the whole process of distribution faster at a lower cost for the organisation.


By using this method for the preparation and submission of proposals, the proposers can at any moment after the submission of the proposal have access to the status of their proposal.

This also greatly facilitates the jobs of those in charge of managing agenda items of the meetings. By using the Proposals for meetings module, all proposals with supporting documentation are placed at the same location – inside the BoardPoint solution.


The proposers can at any moment have access to the latest version of the proposal, which makes it easier to ensure the authenticity of the submitted proposal with its relevant documentation since every change is being tracked throughout the whole process.

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