The task management module

The task management module enables record keeping and monitoring the realisation of assigned tasks based on the conclusions reached during the meetings.

The process of creating and assigning a task consists of the following steps:

Creating tasks from the conclusion reached during the meeting

Access to the task list

Sending notifications about the task status

Personal tasks can be accessed by using the “My tasks” option

Tasks are created based on the conclusions reached during the meeting. At the same time, employees agree upon each individual task as well as the deadlines for the implementation.


The user accesses tasks at the home page of the BoardPoint MEETINGS solution.

5 key advantages of using the task management module:

  • easier distribution of tasks to employees in charge of realisation;
  • access to realisation tracking;
  • possibility of a timely reaction through reporting on deadlines;
  • sending notifications about task status via e-mail,
  • creating reports on task status and completion.
BOARDpoint: modul 3