BoardPoint is an essential part of the decision-making process

The decision-making process entails taking several interconnected steps. The use of new technologies in business activities is an essential part of modern management, decision making and operating process. BoardPoint enables numerous options which facilitate making a decision.

5 key advantages of the BoardPoint solution

  • It enables the use of a large amount of information necessary for making important and quality decisions
  • It reduces the time necessary for making decisions
  • It facilitates access to documents and reports, their exchange and search
  • It improves the decision-making process
  • It decreases the costs for the organisation
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10 advantages for the meeting participants

  • No need for a ton of paper – the agenda is displayed on the screen of a computer or a tablet
  • Easier and faster search of meeting content and documents
  • Access to all documents regardless of time and location
  • Supervision of the process of preparing decision proposals for agenda items
  • Monitoring and management of the meeting agenda
  • Electronic voting on all agenda items
  • Real-time monitoring of the quorum, voting process and results
  • Possibility of entering private and public comments
  • Increased safety of confidential information distribution
  • Definition of deadlines for particular activities and the process as a whole

10 advantages for all administrators working on the preparation of meetings

  • Simple uploading, categorisation and search of documentation
  • Adjusts to your way of preparing meetings
  • Enables tracking and searching past versions of documents
  • Automated process of accepting proposals and documentation relevant to the meeting
  • Fast and simple submission of documents regardless of location
  • Notifications and warnings about the required course of action sent to participants via e-mail
  • Simple adding or removal of meeting participants
  • Simple adding or removal of agenda items
  • All meeting-related documents are stored in one place
  • Possibility of human error is reduced to a minimum

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