Intended users of BoardPoint

BoardPoint is intended for management boards, councils, companies, state and city authorities, as well as all institutions with a need for an efficient and timely decision making process.

BoardPoint is a technological support to decision making

The use of new technologies in making business decisions is an essential part of the decision-making process. Whereas every decision affects the result of a future situation, the decision makers are expected to make a good decision based on a large number of accurate and relevant information.

BoaradPoint improves the decision-making process

The decision-making process entails taking several interconnected steps. BoardPoint enables numerous options which facilitate making decisions. The automation of office management enables easier and faster collection, processing and use of a large amount of information at a lower cost.

The key advantages of BoardPoint:
  • It enables the use of a large amount of information necessary for making important and quality decisions
  • It reduces the time necessary for making decisions
  • It ensures simpler access, exchange, document and report searching
  • It improves the decision-making process
  • It decreases the costs of the organisation


The advantages of BoardPoint have been recognized by…

BoardPoint – solution for preparing and holding paperless meetings